There are over 4,200 children in foster care in Philadelphia.

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What is a CASA volunteer?

CASA volunteers are appointed by a Philadelphia County Family Court Judge to represent the best interests of children who have been removed from their homes or are at risk of removal, due to abuse or neglect.

What is the CASA volunteer's role?

CASA volunteers serve as the "eyes and ears of the court" by providing a detailed investigation of each child's situation and reporting recommendations to the court.

How does a CASA volunteer investigate a case?

CASA volunteers talk to children, parents, family members, social workers, school officials, health providers, foster parents, and others who are knowledgeable about the child. They also review school, medical, casework and other records pertaining to the child assigned to them.

How does a CASA volunteer differ from a social service caseworker?

Caseworkers are employed by the Department of Human Services of Philadelphia County, a county government agency. CASA volunteers can devote more time to the children assigned to them because they only work on one case at a time. CASA volunteers do not replace caseworkers. Instead, they compliment their activities and act as independent appointees of the Court.

How does a CASA volunteer differ from an attorney?

CASA volunteers do not provide legal representation in the courtroom. However, they do provide crucial information that assists the children's attorneys in presenting children's cases.

Do you have other ways I can help?

If you are interested in volunteering with CASA but are unable to commit the time to working with a child or sibling group, there are other ways to support us. Click here to learn more about becoming a Friend of CASA.

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Volunteer Spotlight

"At the end of the day, we (CASA volunteers) are the ones who are specifically looked to by the judge to express the wishes of the child and make recommendations to help improve their lives, if needed."

Thom Mrazik, CASA Volunteer


"I supervise a family of 5 children placed in kinship care with their grandmother. She has had a difficult time agreeing to adopt the children and has held out hope that her daughter would eventually overcome her issues with addiction and one day resume her role as mother. Thanks to the advocacy of the CASA volunteer, grandmother came to understand that adoption was the optimal permanency option for the children and family. "

Carole Cornelius, Volunteer Supervisor

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