CASA Philadelphia Swearing-In Ceremony at Family Court June 2019

Volunteer Your Time to Change a Child's Life

Children in foster care long for a safe, loving family. CASA and EDM volunteers are empowered by the courts to help make this dream a reality by not only bringing positive changes to the lives of these vulnerable children, but also to their children and generations to come. In doing so, volunteers enrich their own lives as well!

What Do CASA and EDM volunteers Do?

  • They listen first. Then they act.
  • CASA volunteers are appointed by judges to advocate for the best interests of children who have been abused and/or neglected.  EDM volunteers advocate on behalf of a child’s educational needs by fulfilling the legal parental role for making educational decisions on behalf of the child.
  • CASA volunteers get to know their child by talking to everyone in his/her life: parents, relatives, foster parents, teachers, medical professionals, attorneys, social workers, etc.  EDM volunteers get to know their child and meet with school personnel, caseworkers, and placement facility staff about the child’s educational needs.
  • They use the information gathered to inform judges of the child's needs, best interests and wishes.

Who Can Be a Volunteer?

You do not have to be a lawyer or social worker to be a volunteer! However, you must be at least 21 years old, and pass criminal and child abuse clearances.  To be a CASA or EDM volunteer, you must complete 30 hours of pre-service training.  As an EDM volunteer, you must also complete two extra hours of additional training.  You can also choose to become both a CASA and EDM volunteer.  As a volunteer, you will be thoroughly trained and well supported by professional staff to help you through your case.

Read more about the requirements and role of being a CASA or EDM volunteer.

How Do I Become a Volunteer?

The first step in becomming a volunteer is to complete an application. Once your application has been submitted, we will contact you to schedule an interview. During the interview you will be asked to elaborate on some of your answers, as well as your autobiography. You will also be asked for consent to complete a criminal background checkre 

Ready to Volunteer? 

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Have Other Questions? 

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